Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Template

Let me know what you think of the new template for Blogging For Starters. If you see anything I need to change or add to the site, please let me know as well. Thanks to all the readers.

Lets get started with digg is a website generated with user-powered content. This means that people that sign up for Digg can submit articles or content to Digg to share with anyone who visits the Digg site. If you are a member of Digg you can Digg(which is a vote) on any article you come across that you like. And the more Diggs an article has the better chance more people will come across it.

Since I already have a Digg account I do not have to make another one, therefore I am not going to actually sign-up for another one. The steps are simple, just go to the Digg site and navigate to the sign-up page. Once there put in your information it ask for. Once through with the sign-up you might want to make a few friends, here is my profile. Just ask me to be your friend and I will accept.

Now that you have signed up and made a friend or two it's time to start submitting your articles and getting more traffic to your site. At the top of your Digg page you should see a link that says Submit New. Click that link and enter the url of your article or site and choose weather it is a news article, video, or image. The second step of submitting is entering the title and description then choosing what category it should be in, type in the security code at the bottom and hit the Submit Story button.

There soon enough you should be getting your articles dugg my many people and getting more hits to your site for free with

goals for the week

OK, Im not sure about which goals to set for this blog at the moment. So I am just going to name some things that I need to do for the blog.

- write at least 5-8 more post by the end of the week
- Put Digg, Technorati, and other article submission sites tags on here
- 10 diggs on one article
- Put a few ads on the site
- and sign up for feedburner and start an rss feed subscription list

I hope that I can get these goals completed before the weekend so I can focus on other things over the weekend.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

post for 09/03/08

I will be making at least two new post for Wednesday September 3rd. One of them will be on setting up digg with the site and another will be on the goals I hope to reach for the end of the month. Thanks

Links to check out:
Daily Free Software

Entercard Part 2

Ok, Here is the second part of the entercard how-to. When you go to sign-up for entercard you are given a normal sign-up application. Just enter the information needed, then you have to enter your blog name and info for the widget that will be for your blog. There are a few premade templates that you can use but if you really want to stand out and be noticeable I would suggest that you use any photo editing or illustrator program to make a 125x125 picture. After you choose your widget or upload one your done with the sign-up part. After sign-up you need to grab the widget code and implement it into your template. Now for me I use blogger to host my blog so it might be a little different setting this up. Click the "Get your widget code" link, copy one of the widget codes and past it into your template where ever you want it to go. I went to my dashboard and went to the layout link and added a new HTML/JavaScript widget, pasted the code and hit save.

After you have set up your widget you need to advertise on other people's widgets and soon you will have people wanting to advertise you yours. I had someone request an ad on my site within seconds of making it. Go to the entercard website and read on how to get credits inorder to advertise on sites.

Entercard Official ebook


Lets start with entercard. If you haven't heard of entercard don't worry. Entercard is a widget that you place on your blog. Its purpose is to drive more visitors to a blog or website. Although most of the visitors aren't coming for your content it is a great place to meet good bloggers and you can also gain some back links and Technorati authority. So I'm going to set up entercard with this blog and then I will write another article about how to set it up along with some more information about entercard.

The start

Well this is the start of this blog "Blogging For Starters" and I hope that it will serve the blogging community well and teach many newcomer bloggers things they need to know.